Sustainable Management
    of Available Water Resources
    with Innovative Technologies

SMART (Sustainable Management of Available Water Resources with Innovative Technologies) project on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Lower Jordan Rift Valley is a research project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It has the goal of developing a transferable approach for Integrated Water Resources Management in the water shortage region of the Lower Jordan Valley. SMART project entailed two phases (phase I from 2006-2010 and phase II 2010-2014).

The project is implemented by different regional and German partners on tackling different aspects of water. One important pillar of SMART project is the wastewater work package. In this work package, Helmholtz Environmental Research Center (UFZ) in Leipzig Germany, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) Al-Balqa' Applied University (BAU) in Jordan are

Cooperating. One of the most important outcomes of the wastewater work package of SMART project is the demonstration and test site for decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse. The site is located in Fuhais, Jordan and is considered as a unique spot not only in Jordan but also in the entire region. The demonstration site is a showcase for possibilities of decentralization of wastewater management/treatment. In Jordan, more than 35 % of the residences depend on septic tank (mainly cesspits) approach for sanitation. Decentralization of wastewater treatment is therefore targeting this large population fraction that is not connected to the main sewer system. In addition to the proper sanitation throughout decentralized wastewater management, efficient use of reclaimed water at the point of generation is also the main objective of the project.